The Art of Living

We know that homelessness results in trauma and stress, particularly for children and teens. We currently hold Saturday programming with the purpose of alleviating some of that stress and give kids the opportunity to just be kids and share in new experiences. Our Saturday programming currently includes basic life skills training including learning to cook, followed by an Art project that allows them to learn about different cultures and provides an opportunity for them to express themselves through their art. Typically after lunch, we take the kids on a field trip to the local art museums, the zoo, or even bike riding down the local trails. We actually have a bike repair shop right here on property to make sure that our fleet of bicycles stays in good working order.

We want to impart knowledge to the children to inspire them to see possibilities despite their currently circumstances. In the summer, we will hold 8 consecutive weeks of programming that will include art based projects (media, performing arts, modern art) and will additionally include Financial Literacy classes provided through Chase Bank. We are also arranging tours and presentations with individuals who can provide insight into potential careers (Police Department, Fire Department, MedStar, etc.) that do no necessarily require a college education. We will also arrange tours of local higher education institutes and student financial advisors to help them realize that college is an option that they can pursue if they wish. Unfortunately, the majority of our kids are so far behind in their education due to circumstances under their control, so we are also planning on implementing a tutoring/homework help program during the regular school year. This is in the hopes that they will catch up with some of their classmates and not fall through the cracks. We strive to inspire our kids to aspire to a better life through growth and in turn disrupt the cycle of poverty and homelessness.

Funded by Homelessness (February 2023)