Can you hear me now?

If you have had the opportunity to visit Beane Park (Field behind Perley) recently, you might have noticed that the field is one of the nicest around. Last year, the community rallied around the Forever Royal Project and an updated backstop was installed along with some nice cosmetic changes. Playing on that field and seeing other teams come and visit in awe of the field is an Awesome feeling and makes me proud to be part of the Georgetown school community. There is only one problem if you have been to a game. The PA system does not create a positive game experience. First of all, our coach has to bring his own PA system from his home that is really not powerful enough for the sound to carry. Only those sitting right next to the speaker can hear and when the National Anthem is played, many don’t even know to stand and often continue their conversations because they cannot hear the music. And of course, there is no better feeling than having your name announced at the game and music played when you come to bat, but we often don’t get that experience here. Each season, Georgetown hosts the Spofford tournament which is a one of a kind event that bring some great baseball to the area and lots of fans; the tournament would be even further enhanced with a better PA system. While the PA system would certainly benefit the high school, it would also benefit the youth league (Babe Ruth plays here) and the field is also used for Charity events each season (The Burkinshaw fundraiser, Matt Torgerson fundraiser). Finally, many of you may know Coach Desilets. Coach works tirelessly to create an awesome game day experience for all of us and we would love to surprise him with this Awesome grant……Thank you for considering this idea and pretty soon you may hear “Play Ball!”

Funded by Georgetown, MA (January 2023)