The Remembering Room

The Remembering Room is a 4-room installation that explores 4 different stages of grief. This exhibit will create a communal space where people can go to sit with and process their own feelings of grief, loss, and growth while also finding much-needed connection with others. As an interactive installation, visitors will be encouraged to share their own experiences, write inside and on the exhibit, sit with the imagery and artifacts in the exhibit, and add their own artifacts if they choose to.

In 2022, my life was upended when I unexpectedly lost my father. After 2.5 years of isolation from the pandemic, plus the political and social upheavals we've all endured, I found myself grappling with a seemingly insurmountable well of grief - a feeling widely shared by us all now. We need a collective space as a community where we can go to grieve and to work out the traumas of these past few years. Without doing this, how can we expect to move forward? How can we progress with fresh perspectives without first processing the grief and hurt and fear and loss we’re all feeling? As a local artist, I am invested in creating work that helps our community members heal. The Remembering Room will be an exploratory and healing experience for our entire community.

Funded by Pittsburgh, PA (October 2022)