No Guns Allowed

This project, lead by designers and artists living in Pittsburgh, aims to use creativity to address gun violence. Local creatives will design posters to be displayed prominently in local businesses that state the business has a no gun policy.

This comes in light of the Supreme Court ruling that now allows guns in public spaces, which may embolden more people to bring guns into areas where the public enjoys nightlife, dining out, dancing, listening to music, etc. PA allows people to have guns in establishes that serve alcohol, but private establishments can create their own no gun policy. Some states have laws regarding what a "no gun" sign must display, but appears PA does not.

This is an opportunity to design not only practical posters, but beautiful posters that let customers know that the establishment has a no gun policy.
If establishments are on board, we can create a community dedicated to keeping guns out of sensitive places such as bars, restaurants, concert venues etc. We can use art and design to create a community that does not welcome gun violence into leisure life. In doing so, we give a visual reminder that gun violence will not be tolerated in the multi fabric of Pittsburgh neighborhoods. It would be an illustrative patchwork of a city dedicated to fighting gun violence.

Funded by Pittsburgh, PA (September 2022)