Saving Young Women through the Arts

Our plan is to continue providing young females who are at-risk and have low socio-economic ages 12-21 weekly workshops in the Arts in order to help empower them and provide them with a positive outlet. We will offer the young ladies piano and voice lessons, drawing and painting, photography, and choir development for them to be creative. This is important to us because we recognize the tremendous positive impact the Arts have on people's lives. This program is important to our community because we offer a safe space for young females to get off the streets and do something that can have a positive impact on them as well as empower them all the while providing positive, supportive role models.
Our program has 1 piano and voice teacher, one photographer and one visual artist who creates murals, 3 volunteers who will help assist with the workshops as well as run the drawing, painting, spoken word poetry and photography workshops, and one Producer who will help the kids produce a song. We will provide the piano, voice, choir, drawing, painting, and photography lessons at our office as well as taking field trips to parks and places where the kids can experience nature to draw and paint and work on writing their song.

Funded by Cleveland, OH (September 2022)