Give A Mile

Give a Mile is a Not-For-Profit looking to enable people to visit terminally ill friends & family through micro-donations of travel points. What is truly awesome is having our lives filled with love and laughter and the smiling faces of people who have been there for us. We have felt the compassion and love in visiting with someone who is terminally ill. The compassion and support a visit like this has to offer is a powerful and awesome gift we can give. The chance to see a loved one, to hug, to smile, to say what needs to be said is something that we want to make happen. We think the person who is ill, the person who gets to visit that loved one, and the people who donate their travel points all benefit in immeasurable ways.

The quote given to us to incorporate and organize a federal not-for-profit is approximately $1000. Any extra funds that may be left over we would use for the creation of a targeted professional pitch to WestJet who we would love to partner with to make this idea come to fruition.

Born out of Calgary Startup Weekend, and all people working on this are Calgarians.

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Funded by Calgary, AB (April 2013)