CripJustice is a people with disabilities led organization that supports people with disabilities who are impacted by policing or any form of incarceration, from hospitals, to psychiatric facilities, to jails and prisons. We do advocacy, provide support, do court watch, organize defense campaigns and do whatever will assist people impacted by policing or incarceration. We also assist in creating community care systems that help support people with disabilities in crisis in order to reduce their contact with policing.

As part of our education work, we have created a number of brochures that provide information to communities on how they can provide crises support that does not rely on law enforcement. They include: 1) Crisis Intervention; 2) De-Escalation; 3) What to do when police come; 4) Suicide/Self-Harm; 5) Alternate Realities; 6) School to Prison Pipeline for Students with Disabilities; 7) Know Your Rights Under 5150.

What our grantee is saying: "This award will really assist CripJustice efforts to support people with disabilities who are the most marginalized in our society and most impacted by policing and incarceration. It is a step forward for disability justice."

What our trustees are saying: "I love everything about this project. It's so important to be able to provide this important information about how people can provide crisis support that does not rely on law enforcement to monolingual Spanish speakers. The grant will make a concrete difference to an already awesome established project."

Funded by Disability (April 2022)