Colorado Tinkering Camp

Tinkering describes the process of using tools and materials to build things, make things, and take things apart. It is sometimes outcome oriented, and always about process and lessons learned along the way. We have a failure positive attitude and celebrate exploration.

Colorado Creative is respectfully requesting funds to support our first Colorado Tinkering Camp. Our growth over the past year has demonstrated the need and desire for the program. The camp expands the class model and provides a more concentrated opportunity for students.

The Colorado Tinkering Camp, consisting of two, one-week sessions, is designed as a project based learning experience. When students arrive, they will have a choice to make one of five types of projects during the week. Project examples include robotics, electronic textiles, and woodworking. We will incorporate Arduino Inventor’s Kits, which include everything to get the very beginner started with programmable electronics. Whichever projects chosen, students will be challenged to meet a set of expectations within a defined rubric. Along with our Master Tinkerer, various educators will come in and work with students as collaborators on their projects, pointing them towards success. A variety of medium will be available for the students to use, and they will be faced with real world challenges: decision making, asking for help, working with others, bouncing back from failure, and in the end, also learning about marketing, design, and social media to present their projects to friends and family.

By tinkering in this intensive format we will allow more room for creativity and innovation within the framework of a carefully crafted program. In order to succeed in the 21st century, we must learn to connect logic and fact with creativity. Combining science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) and theory of constructivism enables teens to learn from experimentation and create meaning from experience.

Funded by Denver, CO (April 2013)