WeeCycle's Crib-A-Month Project

WeeCycle is a Denver-based non-profit organization whose mission is to help low income families with infants and toddlers in the Denver metro area (and throughout Colorado) by providing them with new and gently used baby gear free of charge. We acquire the gear through donations of individuals and businesses and distribute it through local community organizations already serving families with infants and toddlers affected by poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, and under-employment. We also contribute to environmental preservation by recycling and reusing baby gear.

WeeCycle was started by two Colorado moms, Jayme Ritchie and Sunny Heydorn. They were both new moms that had recently left their jobs as attorneys to focus their energies on raising their new children. With this, they felt the need to give back to their community, particularly to those less fortunate, and they both had a first-hand understanding of how expensive baby gear was and how, often, kids outgrow their gear when it is in like-new condition. That is how the idea for WeeCycle came about. Why not take all this baby gear that their kids outgrew and find it a new home with a family that could really use it? Four plus years later, WeeCycle is expanding its reach and helping more and more families each year.

WeeCycle provides key items like cribs, car seats, strollers, diapers, toys, baby-proofing items, and much more! However, in June 2011, nearly all of the cribs that were on the market were recalled due to deficiencies with their hardware and WeeCycle has since experienced a huge shortage in cribs as we are not able to accept or donate any recalled items. Cribs are one of the most expensive items that families with new babies need and WeeCycle has had to purchase all new cribs to serve our clients' needs. WeeCycle is looking for a grant to support our Crib-A-Month program to purchase one crib each month for a year to donate to Colorado families in need.

Funded by Denver, CO (May 2013)