The Boat for Singing Together

What is it?
The Boat for Singing Together is a handmade sculptural raft for people to gather and sing aboard on Jamaica Bay, New York City. Completely enclosed by a canopy of saplings and fabric, an opening in the craft’s center over the water creates an intimate space for sharing song over water. Guest artists teach songs to small groups on the boat throughout the summer.

Where did this boat come from?
Initiated as part of the 2011 Seaworthy show, a series of singing events have been held beginning in the summer of 2011 aboard the boat. The boat is built from reused docks, scrap wood and saplings. In October 2012 the boat was damaged by Hurricane Sandy, but we plan to begin repairs in the spring. A desire to provide free and direct access to boating in Queens, and a chance to participate in singing together drives the project. The project was featured in the Village Voice last summer:

Why are we doing this?
We do this because when we sing together on this boat it unlocks a feeling of strength and freedom we can’t find anywhere else in the world. In the fall of 2013 the boats and marina were damaged by Hurricane Sandy, but the community has the will to rebuild the project, and the desire to continue these gatherings. We want to bring the warmth of singing together back after a cold winter in Jamaica Bay.

Funded by Awesome Without Borders (April 2013)