Children’s Upcycling And Creative Workshops

I would like to create the first children’s upcycling academy in Liverpool- The Quirky Academy!
A regular Saturday morning workshop and half term themed workshops where children can get creative and learn about recycling and upcycling, turning everyday items into various fun and useful things.
It will be a safe place for children to be as messy and creative as they like, engaging their imagination and fine tuning those problem solving and motor skills.

I would also like to offer this as an after school club service too, linking to Eco school projects, The Children’s University and promoting sustainable living.

I have previously facilitated summer school Upcycling workshops for The Studio Liverpool where we created glow in the dark galaxy clocks using old vinyl records that were destined for landfill. I have also taken part in creating an inspirational video masterclass too for them too.

Funded by Liverpool (September 2021)