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Ruben's Piano

Recently, I had attended Burning Man for my first time with my girlfriend and her family, and a few weeks ago i decided that I wanted to start a project pertaining to that because I had too much free time on my hands. I looked around online for project blueprints involving fire, considering that was a huge part of BURNing man, and I found something called a Ruben's Tube. Essentially, a Ruben's Tube forms the physical shape of wavelengths using pressurized propane, fire, and a subwoofer. Whenever music is played, the wavelengths from the sounds it makes are formed on top of the tube with fire. I intend on finding a very old grand piano that someone has no purpose for any longer, and digitizing every key so I can hook it up to my Ruben's Tube. I think it would be quite the spectacle to have someone be able to preform Mozart's 5th Symphony and have it visualized with fire right in front of them. I intend on taking this project to Burning Man next year if in fact i do receive money from The Awesome Foundation.

Funded by Los Angeles, CA (April 2013)