"Pets" for Dementia Patients


While my Dad, who had mild dementia, was hospitalized post-Covid19/stroke, I sent him a robotic cat as a distraction and as a bit of company. Sadlly, he passed away on August 20th.

The Social/Actiivities director of his nursing facility and I decided to try the "cat" for a long-term dementia patient who missed her real pets. I was skeptical, but it did wonders for her! She loves it, and it provides a lot of comfort, calm, and clarity.

I researched the product, and was surprised at the high level of ratings, particularly from medical and psychological professionals. For many, this product works true to its name, "Joy for All".

In memory of my Dad, I would like to purchase ten (or as many as I can) of the "Joy for All" cats and puppies, which would be donated to local nursing homes. If awarded the grant, I will do my best to maximize purchasingi power while keeping the transaction local.

With help from the Awesome Foundation, I believe I can help to provide about 10 "pets".

Thank you for your consideration.

Respectfully yours,
Susan Maza


Funded by Gloucester, MA (December 2020)