The Acoustic Guitar Project

The Acoustic Guitar Project is music, creativity, inspiration, and a celebration of humanity rolled into one.

The project’s basic premise is to set an acoustic guitar off on a physical and musical journey. It begins with a single musician, who has one week to record an original song with the guitar on a handheld recorder. At the end of the week, the musician signs the guitar and gives it to another musician to repeat the cycle. The guitar thus becomes a "viral memento" with its own path, until 20 musicians have contributed to a single guitar. There are already instruments circulating in New York and Helsinki and a third will soon set sail in Latin America.

The songs, lyrics, pictures of the musicians, and interviews with them are archived on a website, and the ultimate aim is to bring the musicians together again in the real world for a concert.

The Awesome Grant will help support all aspects of this project’s growth, as the website is revitalized and new guitars are added and the whole process is documented on video.

Funded by New York City, NY (October 2012)

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