Raising Menstruation Pads 4 Girls with Disability

Menstruation is very under-addressed in WASH and development interventions hence resulting in half the population with unmet needs. The taboos, myths, and barriers in Uganda and discrimination of having a disability and being female, result in unsafe, unhygienic, unconfigured WASH facilities, lack of access/affordability of pads, unhygienic washing/drying/storing practices, lack of knowledge, on-going health issues, and an atmosphere of shame having a negative effect on the girls’ self-image and worth.

What our grantee is saying: "To be awarded the Awesome Disability Award is a life source for someone like me .it has been always my dream to get funds so that one day I can implement my project, not knowing how to get help or who to go to in order to be helped. My project is set to raise Menstruation pads for girls with disability whom I saw that most of the time were left out in this case and this award gives me the opportunity to go for it’.’

Funded by Disability (August 2019)