Project IDRIS: Smith/Capaldi TARDIS Console

August’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Robin Vernell to support the construction of a full-size replica of the console that pilots the TARDIS – the time-travelling spaceship in the sci-fi television series Doctor Who.

The replica will be used as a photo-op display by the Doctor Who Society of Canada’s Ottawa Chapter, which raises money for causes such as the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

“I’ve always loved Doctor Who,” explains Robin. “My dad is from England, and our family used to watch the show whenever it was on. So I grew up fascinated by this alien who travelled all of time and space helping people and planets battle the Cybermen, Daleks, and Ice Warriors.”

Robin is a lifelong Ottawa resident and mother and aunt to special needs kids. “My youngest nephew,” she says, “ would not be here today if not for the amazing care he received during his time at CHEO.”

When Robin is not at the Doctor Who Society of Canada’s both at local comic-cons, she can be found under the guise of Dalek Soufflé, patrolling the aisles with other members of the Canadian Dalek Empire.

Funded by Ottawa (August 2021)