Sewing Together

We run a sewing group for refugee and migrant women in Salisbury. Many women are socially isolated, have little or no English, and limited opportunities for skills development.

This group provides opportunities for any women who are interested to learn new skills or develop skills they already have. We have 15 2nd hand sewing machines and teach sewing skills through a range of projects across each term - from simple pot holders and aprons to pajamas for children and dresses for the women. Many women also teach each other their skills and the different ways sewing that they learned in their countries of origin.

We also run a creche /children's program so that the women can fully engage in the sewing, and have precious time to themselves. It's also a fantastic opportunity for the children to develop social skills, learn English, and be part of an enriching program that is designed to enhance their development.

This group is full of awesome - women developing skills, gaining confidence, making new friends, creating amazing creations and, most importantly, becoming a supportive and joyful community. We have about 20 women come along each Friday, from a range of countries including Syria, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Uzbekistan and Burma.

We're supported by 6 wonderful volunteers who absolutely love every minute of their time with the women. It's a vibrant, sometimes chaotic, but always enriching place to be.

Funded by Adelaide (July 2019)