Projection Bombing

  • I am a theatre artist, animator, and tinkerer who wants to explore new ways to interact with our urban environment.
  • Let's create an independently powered mobile video projection unit, mounted onto a modified bicycle trailer for maximum portability.
  • Combinine video technologies with open-source software to allow citizens to "paint" the city's blank walls with video, or "tag" a building with a laser, or create video walls which interact with passersby.
  • Bicycle-powered: highly mobile, compact, and flexible enough to be set up at various downtown spots, festivals, train yards, parks, etc. for all Calgarians to enjoy.

I possess most of the video equipment needed in my shop, but the money would go towards building a portable rig, specifically:

  • A dedicated bicycle and trailer to modify
  • A power generator / battery system
  • A powerful laser pointer or two (to use as a brush to "laser tag")
  • Infrared diodes and sensors for "paintbrushes"
  • possibly a brighter projector for maximum effect on large urban surfaces

Funded by Calgary, AB (January 2012)