Sunday fun day

Or project aims to bring wellbeing and relaxation to the residents of Walton on the hill and its surrounding neighbours. For 4 hours residents will be fully emersed in yoga, relaxation, a healthy afternoon tea and a sociable book art therapy lesson.
This is a particularly deprived area of liverpool but had an incredible community of people who help and support each other consistently. It would be a wonderful joyful experience for them to reward themselves with some much needed and we'll deserved rest and relaxation.
All the people involved in our project are local businesses, from our Yoga Teacher (both floor based and chair so everyone's can have a go) to our healthy foods cforbidding providing a traditional indulgent afternoon tea. Our entertainment providing the opportunity to have a dance then finishing with some mindful book art can be kept add a momentum or given away as a gift.

Funded by Liverpool (October 2018)