Neighbors of Raleigh Podcast

I want to create a weekly podcast, interviewing people who call Raleigh home. Raleigh is a place of wonderful, quirky, hurting, inspired, creative individuals of all sorts of colors, beliefs, perspectives and backgrounds. Podcasting is way to build community by introducing people to each other and people outside their regular circles. Moreover, I believe that everyone has a meaningful story to tell- everyone. These unique stories have universal truths that inform and encourage. Community, at its best, is knowing each other’s stories and creating new shared stories; knowing and being known. Ideally, I’d love to inspire people to meet their own neighbors and be curious about the lives and stories of their coworkers, delivery man, and the old lady around the corner.

Ideally, I'd like to represent the diversity that exists in Raleigh. For this reason, I have a small, mobile system. I think of my mission as Humans of New York meets Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood. I see lots of possible cross over with photography, podcast pop-ups at local libraries or BYON (Bring Your Own Neighbor) events.

Funded by Raleigh, NC (March 2018)