Kids Helping Kids

The Kids Helping Kids program within Box of Balloons is a program that helps promote volunteerism for children at any age on a level they can understand. It's hard for a child to comprehend how another child can't have enough to eat or other basic needs, but when you tell them about a child just like them not having a birthday party or getting to eat cake and open presents on their birthday, something resonates with them. The Kids Helping Kids program promotes children's involvement in giving back to their communities and kids their age by working with a local chapter of Box of Balloons to help spread awareness of the organization and help ensure children are celebrated on their special day.

Children can earn the title Kid Ambassador by completing at least three of the projects listed on our website. When the projects are completed they have become an example of kindness and volunteerism for all of the people in their life! By being a Kid Ambassador for Box of Balloons, the child can help spread the word about Box of Balloons, volunteering, show what it means to be kind and they can be an amazing mentor to other kids who are interested in doing the same!

Funded by Madison, WI (February 2018)