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Gallery Gurls

Gallery Gurls founder and EIC Jasmin Hernandez on her site:

Gallery Gurls is the art site for Nasty Women, POC and QTPOC. I aim to celebrate and profile marginalized artists in NYC. I founded the site in 2012, with a deep focus on writing about women in the art world, particularly women of color. Gallery Gurls is intersectional and covers all women of all backgrounds, working across various disciplines. I scour the New York art landscape on a weekly basis and come across the most incredible, engaging, women who are driving and creating social impact in their work. It's an obligation and a pleasure to write about them. I don't have a traditional art background, I'm a former fashion show producer and photo editor who has worked at several magazines. As a native New Yorker and a downtown creative, I was constantly in creative circles and engaging in the art space. My voice on Gallery Gurls is fresh, fun, accessible and not rooted in academia. I want Gallery Gurls to be a space where if you want to learn about women in the art world and have a device and WIFI, I want you to visit and think of Gallery Gurls first.

Visit, follow @gallerygurl1 on Twitter, and gallerygurls on Instagram.

Funded by New York City, NY (January 2018)