Music for Tesla coils

My project idea is to make music for Tesla coils! The SA museum of Science and Technology will have 6 coils by the end of December and they have agreed to let me have access to the coils and in return I can help them generate a program for children to learn about the technology behind creating music for a coil. I'm excited to make original music for coils whereas most of the time you'll see engineer majors from say M.I.T have the coils play midi programmed music such as the Mario Bros. theme, Zelda, etc. I'll be creating music that will be performed live and through this process of learning how to create the music, the SAMSAT will use this information to process a learning program for children/young adults. My vision is to have the performance in surround sound with 6 Tesla coils, a grand piano, strings and a small choir.

Funded by San Antonio, TX (January 2018)