Food 4 Thought

Food for Thought makes lunches for underprivileged elementary school students in Newmarket. Our group of Newmarket High School student volunteers meets on Wednesday afternoons to assemble lunches that are delivered on Thursday mornings by Access Newmarket. Cobs Newmarket donates bread weekly. Each lunch has a sandwich and a snack unit. A snack unit consists of a juice box, an apple, carrots, celery, and cookies. Last year we made 1692 sandwiches and 2183 snacks. This year we make 40 lunches and 6 snacks each week, though we are planning to expand our program to allow for more participating schools. It is important to the participants because it relieves financial stress for low-income families. We allow underprivileged people who are food insecure to get access to healthy food, which is a large concern for low-income families.
This program also allows for leadership opportunities in our high school volunteers. The students take on new responsibilities and gain invaluable leadership experience through assembling the lunches, buy the food, and coordinate with sponsors like you guys! They also learn how to cooperate with other students to make the lunches and snacks. Food for Thought could not run without the contributions of our generous donors.

Funded by Newmarket (December 2017)