Coffin Club Liverpool

My awesome project is to offer the community of Liverpool a place to break the taboo around death. It will be a quarterly event with support in between from Make Liverpool. I want to be able to offer people choices around their funerals and de-bunk some of the myths around them. I am passionate about helping people see their final act as a celebration of life, and a reflection of their personality.

This isn't just a frivolous pursuit, I feel, and have experienced in my own life, that when we are able to deal with losses in our past, that we can heal a little. Many personal issues that people have come from unresolved losses and I feel that opening up the conversations for people to talk about those losses or potential losses, that it will be incredibly helpful for them.

I'm also very interested in engaging an equal number of men and women in this project, and want to do a particular call out for volunteers to help with the 'making coffins' process. Some people are more comfortable with making/doing than talking and therefore the project will aim to do that.

There is a growing problem of loneliness in the older generation and I hope to be able to build a community where people can gather, have a cuppa and a conversation and build connections where they might not have any.

In New Zealand, where coffin club started, their clubs build coffins for those families who have lost children, this eases the financial burden and gives great satisfaction to the volunteers.

Often if people are approaching their end of life, either through age or illness, they feel powerless over it. The coffin club gives them a place to go and a purpose, to take ownership over their final ceremony and ensure it reflects their beliefs, their passions and their life.

Funded by Liverpool (December 2017)