Making It at the Downs-Jones Library

The Downs-Jones Library at Huston-Tillotson University, Austin's only Historically Black College/University, is finally getting new and up-to-date books for college students to read and enjoy and learn from. Says librarian Katrina Ashton: "We know that learning isn't just about textbooks, that some skills aren't learned in the classroom, and that one of the best purposes of a library is to enable other people to be awesome."

A $1000 grant from the Austin Awesome Foundation will fund the purchase of 50-75 books in order to establish a strong and varied crafting and DIY collection. Students will be able to check out the books and take them home to create, relax, and learn even in their non-study hours. In the future, librarian Katrina Ashton hopes to host an in-library Maker Fair with opportunities for students to try origami, build a Lego castle, repair that annoying hole in the pocket of their favorite jacket, begin knitting a beanie, learn a new way to braid their hair, or practice coding a mini-app.

Funded by Austin, TX (December 2017)