The Free Black Women's Library

The Free Black Women's Library is an interactive mobile library that features a collection of over 700 books written by Black women. The library pop ups monthly in public spaces throughout the NYC area and creates space for the community to take part and enjoy visual art, performance, readings, writing workshops and critical conversations that explore varying connections between race, gender and culture.

All races, genders and ages are welcome to trade books with the library. Some people bring one book to trade, some people bring three, some people bring ten of their books to swap with the library for new books. Some people show up with no books but come just to hang out in the space, talk about books, art and to make new friends.

The library has appeared in playgrounds, parks, museums, art galleries, barber shops, vintage clothing stores, community gardens, bars, cultural centers, street fairs, music festivals and anywhere else that is easily accessible and free.

This is a grassroots project that is self funded and co-created in community that helps to promote literacy, diversity and inclusion, at its core its mission is to center voices in literature that are not normally heard.

AwesomeNYC is proud to be able to support the library's transportation costs around the city. Subscribe to their Facebook page to find out when the library is coming to a public space near you!

Funded by New York City, NY (July 2017)

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