The Blind Cooking Project

The Blind Cooking Project is exactly what it sounds like – a means through which people with vision impairment can be taught important skills in the kitchen. Right now, the project will be limited to teaching 8 selected vision impaired individuals 8 introductory dishes, with plans to expand into more recipes in the future (late 2017 / 2018). The most heart-warming possible outcome of this project would be a scenario in which our Blind Chefs would be so confident in the kitchen, they will be capable of sharing cooking techniques with other fellow vision impaired individuals, or even with regular sighted people. Sighted or not, cooking is an integral element of independent living, and this project aims to provide a safe, structured environment to kick things off and get some of the most willing members of the Singaporean vision impaired community started.

Funded by Singapore (July 2017)