Launch Youth Hockey in Tallahassee

A group of us went to the County to try to pitch them on building a multi-use outdoor rink that would have accommodated roller hockey at the old dump on Appalachee Parkway. We were told that while there was money in the budget, it would take a minimum of a year to develop a plan and several years to construct. As it turns out, that site is going to be further developed for passive recreation and no rink is going to be built.

Not satisfied with that "plan", myself and two other friends secured a space and built a roller hockey rink. It is called Tallahassee Indoor Sports, and is located at 130 4 Points Way, Tallahassee, FL 32305. There is no big money behind this project, and we have had to value engineer it every step of the way.

We really want to start a kids hockey program and offer a new, low cost, safe sports option to kids in Tallahassee. However, the initial cost of equipment is an obstacle for many families. We would especially like to be able to offer hockey to the kids and families in the area immediately surrounding the rink, many of whom are lower-income or single parent households.

Our inspiration comes in part from the Ed Snider Foundation. Ed Snider was the Chairman of the Flyers, and he built several rinks in Philadelphia. His foundation runs youth hockey, academic and life skill programs directed at under-served kids in Philadelphia.

The demographics of Tallahassee and its climate (rain/heat/humidity) all would suggest that we need more indoor recreation options for kids. Especially in the area near our rink, those options are few and far between. Getting kids off their Ipads and participating in team sports is, in my opinion, a great service to the community.

Funded by Tallahassee, FL (June 2017)