The Kitchen- The Hague-

We are The Kitchen, a group of passionate young people trying to stop food waste through the instigation of building up a sustainable community while cooking.

Since September 2016 we have saved food from Supermarkets and The Haagse Market that could have otherwise been wasted. With the food we have created a big community of people coming from different backgrounds that are interested in sustainability, anti-waste and sharing. Each Thursday we organize a free three-course-meal dinner.

We believe in a more conscious and considerate world where people can coexist in harmony with each others, themselves and the natural beings surrounding us. Our inspiration is to raise awareness of failures of our global food system that has lead to poverty where enough food is being produced but there is an unfair distribution of food.

The Kitchen is more than a business, it’s a movement.
We invest our time on it Because we care, care about our planet and humanity

Funded by The Hague (March 2017)