Vertical Dance Wall

I can completely change your perspective on dance by shifting the floor we stand on to a wall. Through this project, not only can I change your perspective on viewing dance, you and the San Antonio community can experience it yourself!

Vertical dance is a physical art form that suspends dancers on a wall with ropes and harnesses to seemingly defy gravity by dancing on vertical surfaces. This type of performance provokes awe, wonder, and inspiration through its innate beauty. Audience members and participants will experience flight and movement through an entirely different visual and gravitational pull. Vertical dance is also an effective full body work out that strengthens the core, upper and lower body, and builds endurance. I want to bring vertical dance to San Antonio and make it accessible to everyone here.

My company, Aerial Horizon, is San Antonio’s only professional aerial performance company and school. Since 2009, Aerial Horizon has created a thriving aerial community where none existed before. We are currently building one of the only custom aerial studios in the nation that is putting San Antonio on the map as an aerial arts hub. We have the necessary equipment to continue offering classes on aerial silks, hoop, trapeze, rope, sling, and more, but we’re looking for funding to create a new vertical dance program with ropes and harnesses.

Many students find harness work more accessible than other aerial classes because it doesn’t require climbing fabric or doing pull ups on your first day of class. After putting on a harness and clipping into a rope, you’re ready to go! The feeling of flying is immediate. Students and professionals alike squeal with glee and joy is a part of every class.

Our classes are designed for all body types, ages, genders–-everyone is welcome! Conquering the aerial arts makes you feel like you can overcome anything. You’ll leave every aerial harness class feeling empowered, strong, and free after flying through the air!

Funded by San Antonio, TX (March 2017)