Harvest Fair - food for gender equity

I am setting up a social enterprise which uses the power of good food to advance gender equity in Australia. Harvest Fair aims to provide flexible employment for women who struggle to find their place in mainstream employment due to their personal situation - they might be a family carer, a single parent, a refugee, or someone with a disability or chronic health/mental health condition that just requires some understanding and flexibility. These women will be employed as Culinary Creators - they have a love of food and cooking, and will prepare nutritious ready made meals that will be sold to participating workplaces around Adelaide for their employees to purchase - it will be a mini food court right within their office. The profits raised from the sale of the meals will go back into providing training, networking and development opportunities for our women to boost their confidence, skills and connections for ongoing career pathways. Harvest Fair wants to embrace an employment model that sees women's values and needs as assets rather than barriers to productivity. An outcome that we hope for is to increase women's participation in our workforce, and to set a precedent model for other businesses to adopt as action towards gender equality in Australia. We are well on our way - Harvest Fair was in incubation and testing phase for over a year and is now coming to life, and we expect to commence recruitment for our Culinary Creators in the next month.

Funded by Adelaide (May 2017)