Culinary Arts Kids Eat

Culinary Arts Kids Eat (“CAKE”) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization created in 2012 to enrich, engage and educate youth in South Central Los Angeles. The C A K E program, empowers youth with opportunities to develop professional culinary skills, offering hands on training in the restaurant and hospitality industry as well as developing important life skills through a dynamic wellness program. C A K E currently operates as an after-school program at Santee Educational Complex, one of the most under served communities in Los Angeles. The South Central neighborhood where our students live is considered a food desert, whereby fresh, healthy, affordable food is not available. Most students suffer from preventable diseases; diabetes and obesity. With the knowledge our students gain they now make healthy food choices.

Youth enrolled in the After School w/ CAKE program will learn how to set up a hydroponic grow system and how to grow organic produce in the soil. They will be trained in professional culinary arts and create a healthy recipe. Students will design a brand and logo for their product and learn the art of entrepreneurship. They will sell their item at the Farmers Market and keep the profits.

Our goal (2018) is to open a local co-op market café in the neighborhood where fresh, locally grown food may be sold along with “High Quality Rapid Cuisine” (fresh health already prepared meals).

Students study health, wellness and nutrition. They learn about the brain, the heart and which foods will keep them in balance. They practice mindful meditation, stress management and yoga. These tools will help keep them grounded and able to cope with the many challenges that life might have.

Sports are also played, encouraging our youth to stay active and recognizing that with not much green space in their community, it is difficult.

Funded by Los Angeles, CA (April 2017)