Empowering Teen Authors & Teen Publishers

The Revolving Door Arts Teen Chapbook series publishes the creative writing of teens at the manuscript level. We are currently working with four Chicago teen poets to produce their first print and online publications in the form of chapbooks. This series includes peer-to-peer support and manuscript alongside mentor support of established writers.

We believe that the creative arts remain an integral part of our society and that young people are critical to its sustainability and evolution. We also believe that creative workforce development can provide young creatives with new forms of exposure to sustainable, life-long careers in the arts.

For this reason, we have a vision to grow this initiative into a teen-driven publishing house where teens are given the space to professionally produce teen creative work in fiction, poetry, memoir, essay, and more. Our youth publishing house will give teens an opportunity to serve as editors, graphic and layout designers, and PR personas as they curate, collaborate, produce, and promote small collections of creative writing by their peers. This will be the first teen-driven publishing house within the United States.

Funded by Chicago, IL (January 2017)