Frontline Yoga-trauma aware yoga for the frontline

Frontline Yoga offers free trauma aware classes for police, paramedics, firefighters, defence people, hospital staff and a number of other industries. Classes are also offered for the frontline support network such as friends and family. Classes are taught in a very specific manner to ensure conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression and trauma are not worsened.
Class guidelines are based on empirical studies and research done into Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), neurological function and response and how Yoga can help manage the symptoms.
Over the last 3 years the association's founder has been volunteering her particular style of Yoga on RAAF bases, with Soldier On as well as a number of other venues.
Feedback has been very encouraging, some of the participants report better sleep, a sense of calm and peace as well as gaining a sense of support and community.
Word has spread and now teachers all over Australia want to offer a similar service in their community.
Several ex-military turned Yoga teachers, experienced Yoga teachers and professionals have come together to create a comprehensive instructional package so that we can train other Yoga teachers to offer a Frontline class in their community.

Funded by Newcastle (August 2016)