CSArt Ottawa Community Launch

August’s Awesome Ottawa award goes to Megan Piercey Monafu to support the launch of CSArt Ottawa, a community-supported art start-up inspired by the “farm box” model of community-supported agriculture.

“Patrons purchase a subscription at the beginning of the season,” Megan explains, “which goes toward supporting the season’s artists as they create work especially for the subscribers. Then, throughout the season, the subscribers receive a share of the artistic harvest. This year, subscribers will receive tickets for two to a music concert, tickets for two to a theatre piece, a painting, a piece of ceramic art, a book of poetry, and a meal for two, as well as opportunities to get to know our artists.”

“We're focused on getting the best of Ottawa art to Ottawa audiences, and creating community while doing it,” Megan continues, “so to kick off our season we're holding an event that is both for subscribers and community members. We're partnering with Bar Robo for a Saturday afternoon, family-friendly event where people can meet our artists and have a good time. Members of the PepTides will play some sweet tunes, THUNK! Theatre will get people involved in a pop-up performance, and Chris Turnbull will give away her beautiful poetry. This will result in a party that supports our initiative, supports new business Bar Robo, and gives art away to as many passers by as possible.”

Megan is a playwright, director and facilitator, with a particular focus on community building and social activism.

Funded by Ottawa (August 2016)