The 100 Hall of Fame Legacy Foundation, Inc.

The 100 Hall of Fame Legacy Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit charitable musically based organization, certified in the State of Florida, that targets children age 7-17. Our mission is to provide positive events/activities for families of children in the lower income areas of our communities. The activities are designed to mentor/impart upon our children with opportunities other than their current environment can provide, (i.e., positive messaging, cookouts filled with fun and games with a message, encouragement to continue higher educational dreams, knowing the difference between right and wrong decision making and the consequences for both, self-worth, community respect,self respect, respect for authority, (teachers, parents, law enforcement officials, etc.). We also, when the time comes, sponsor high school students that have the required criteria to attend a college/university, in the area of music education, but not limited to, and do not the financial resources to attend. We hope to develop these young minds into productive adult citizens that will impact our community here in Tallahassee and other communities in a positive way.

Funded by Tallahassee, FL (July 2016)