Solar Light Fixture for Mill Pond and Dam

Mill Pond is a beautiful water space tucked away in Rockport. It is more hidden and smaller now than when it was first dug by Rockport's (then called Sandy Bay) second settler, John Poole, in 1702 for use as power for a mill. An earth and stone dam was built to gather the water coming through the Millbrook watershed. This pond enabled lots of industry through the years. It was donated to the town of Rockport in 1936 by the family of George Todd in his memory.
More recently the pond has provided a place to paint, toss rocks, catch a fish, sail a model boat, feed the ducks, habitat for turtles, eels, herons and other birds, a pair of swans and even a beaver or two. Winter skating and ice hockey fun has long been had on the pond.
In 2006 a storm blew in on Mother's Day and the dam was breached. For the next six years concerned citizens worked with Rockport's DPW to secure funding to rebuild the dam which was completed in 2012. During this construction, a light that been mounted to a pole next to the Mill Lane side of the dam and pond was removed.
That single light illuminated the walkway across the dam that is a convenient cut through between King Street and Mill Lane. It also provided for night skating and easy hunting for the bugs by local bats. I would like to purchase a new programmable, solar powered, pole mounted light for the Town of Rockport to replace the old light.
I have reached out to the DPW Director, Joe Parisi, and the DPW Commissioners, including Bruce Reed who is Chair of the Green Communities Task Force. The DPW will handle the purchase and installation of the pole and fixture.
Also consulted was the lead project manager for landscape design firm Milone & Macbroom hired for the restoration of Mill Pond and Millbrook Meadow. The firm's lighting specialist reviewed the site plan to recommend an appropriate fixture. I relayed the feedback for use of the area, night safety, and dark sky respect gathered at MMC public meetings.

Funded by Rockport, MA (June 2016)