CommUNITY at Work

After giving a tour to some visitors, a little girl asked a question that pierced my heart. She said, "can I go into the library? I replied, not now it's closed to the public but there's the Martin Luther King library. She replied its too big and far from my house. I was speechless and couldn't answer her because every library should be open. Our vision started back in 1978 to establish an organization to impact every life AACSA comes in contact with. Since the Inez Jackson Library was established in 1981, . Our awesome project is to kick off the renovation of the Inez C. Jackson Library located at our center. The library has been dormant for well over 10 years. This awesome project will lay the foundation for cleaning up and organizing historical magazines --books, laying new hard wood flooring being donated by Home Depot, and painting a mural of hands of all the volunteers on the walls of the library. Our project will invite the overall community of students from San Jose State University, high and middle schools, seniors, city and county government leaders to "CommUNITY at Work day" renovating a library once vibrant and and open to re-open, for a kid looking to read a book in a save space and or a senior to come and read to kids. Although nook and phones have replaced books, we as a society have a responsibility to preserve libraries and books.

Funded by San Jose, CA (May 2016)