Ypsilanti Womens mural

Our first mural in 2015 was focused on African American history of Ypsilanti. They created a bold bright mural on HP Jacobs a form slave who moved himself and family to Ypsilanti. Became a A minister taught himself to read and write opened up school African American children later became one of the founders of Jackson State University.

The students would like their next mural to be on the historical Women of ypsilanti. They are working with local historian to study the history taking, taking field trips throughout the city and sketching out their ideas for the mural. They will have help from myself and a professional artist.

The community of Ypsilanti came out and supported our unvieling in November. You can see our past work on YouTube.https://youtu.be/nAo0Bo-E4XU

We need help to make this next mural become a reality. We hope you will consider us.

Funded by Ann Arbor, MI (April 2016)