Start-Up Art Grant for Hassan Noor

Hassan Noor, born in Jubaland, Somalia, in 1940, and has lived in Minneapolis for 14 years. I met him recently through his daughter, Farhia, who acts as our interpreter (Hassan speaks just a little English, and I speak just a little Somali).

Hassan loves to draw, is self-taught as an artist, and has been prolilic in drawing for his entire life. He draws images from memory of back home, showing livestock, houses, clothing, food, traditions from nomadic Somali life. Also, he draws his life here in MN, showing people learning English at ESL class, buying food at the market, riding the bus, and praying at the mosque.

My project is to bring Hassan a supply of large archival art paper to draw on and to allow his art to last longer, and to assist him to frame ten of his large drawings. I have already 'sold' the idea of his exhibit to Wing Young Huie at Third Place Gallery, in Minneapolis, for Hassan's first art exhibit. With the aid of this grant, Hassan will have his first exhibit at age 76!

Funded by Twin Cities, MN (January 2016)