Thresholds: Illusions for the Senses & the Mind

Experience your own senses like never before...shattering the mold of the traditional magic performance, an unforgettable evening of impossible visions, scents, tastes, feelings, and sounds awaits you.

I will be presenting a performance of “Thresholds” at the Museum of Contemporary Art on January 26. This one-of-a kind immersive experience takes the audience on a physical journey throughout the MCA, with elegant magic designed for each of the primary senses in five distinct spaces. The program will be integrated with the museum’s upcoming exhibition “A Conjured Life.” This unique performance experience is composed of a distinctive blend of magic with an elegant feel, and explores ideas based on my studies in psychology, science, and art. Highly-interactive, audience members collaborate in creating the performance, including making crucial decisions, possessing seemingly impossible knowledge, and navigating and unlocking each new space. An viewer’s thought-of scent becomes a reality, a member of the audience is able to surmise my thoughts, and walnuts carry an unexpected surprise, as the performance progresses to an astonishing conclusion.

The entire audience also collaborates in a series of custom-designed experiments and experiences created to awaken the senses and to educate on obscure sensory information as the show transitions through the magic effects. These mass participations include the audience being able to hear illusory words and making an image on their handbills vanish and reappear at will.

Having the opportunity to perform a solo show at the MCA is a lifelong dream come true, and I am working around the clock to give visitors the most unique, memorable experience possible. This is unquestionably the most important performance of my career to date. I am striving to create the most innovative event I can, and use this as a catalyst to take my career to the next level.

Funded by Chicago, IL (December 2015)