Stencil art “Magic Rain”

“ Why does every city have to be in the rain? What's wonderful about getting wet? ”
Midnight In Paris

What’s going on with people in the rainy weather? They start to be sad, some people depressed, some of them - irritated.
The idea was born to alter the sadness and make rainy days more creative and interesting.
The project is designed mostly for mood, for changing negative mood into positive.
Technically that’s an unusual kind of street art. We are going to use invisible hydrophobic paint which is getting to be visible only after the rain fall.
Using this paint, we are going to write sentences on the floor (in Armenian and English), also to draw paintings and symbols for making our art available for everyone.
With this project we are going to spread love and laugh even in the rainy weather, share the idea that something beautiful is hiding under the rain.
Just imagine what kind of emotions will you have when you see the paintings on the streets while you are running to find a dry place, or when you see appearing words and pictures while you are look out of the window. That will be look like a magic. This is a really nice project. We are very impressed with the idea.
As the weather is going to change a little bit and the rainy season is coming soon, we want to realize the project as soon as it’s possible.

Funded by Yerevan (November 2015)