Science In A Rural Oahu School

Our teachers at Leihoku Elementary School have had to cancel or reschedule field trips for students because the buses will not come into the Waianae Coast after 11:30am. This is because traffic is so bad and unpredictable coming into the Waianae Coast. We are a Title 1 school, where 85% of our students are receiving free or reduced lunch. Our students come from homes and areas with out a lot of resources. I would argue that field trips are very important because field trips help to give our students the background knowledge that they need to be successful in academics. Especially as we push the rigor up in their academics to meet the new standards of the common core curriculum. I am asking for a grant of $1000, so that I can bring a field trip to our kids, since the parameters of transportation to field trips has become so difficult and limiting for our Waianae Coast school.

Funded by Oahu, HI (October 2015)