Geary Food Pantry & Education Center

The Geary Food Pantry
About seven years ago I noticed that the children I worked with in a volunteer capacity were hungry. I found out through research that one in four children in Oklahoma go to bed hungry.
I have held the hand of elderly women who were crying because they were so relieved that they could get food at the pantry and still get medication with the money they would have used for food.
We serve a free meal one night a week and the food pantry is open twice a month, once in the day time and once in the evening. We feed seventy five to one hundred families a month in our small community of 1258 people through our Pantry. We also serve hot meals and play games with approximately thirty children every Wednesday evening. We have families from other rural communities come for help on a regular basis as well.
We would like to provide classes on cooking nutritious meals, canning and meal planning as well as helping with encouragement for re-entering the work force and other educational activities for our community.
The building we have rented for the past several years is scheduled for demolition in a couple of months and we are in the process of building. We are in dire need of finances to make this transition.
Please help me fill empty stomachs and enrich minds.

Funded by Oklahoma City, OK (October 2015)