Forest For The Trees

Forest For The Trees is an independent project that brings together local and international artists in a collaborative setting, providing them with the creative freedom and resources to create lasting works in environments that are freely accessible in the Portland community. We aim to improve the visual landscape of the city through quality artwork, and to provide opportunities to the creative community to participate in establishing Portland’s visual identity.

Not only does this project create a local identity through the work of Portland’s art community, but also connects us to a larger global community. Artists come from Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, the Netherlands, NZ, Puerto Rico, Russia, S Africa and the UK, as well as various US cities and Native Reservations. The mixing of local and visiting artists allows for greater diversity of work and sharing of ideas that enrich the Portland culture. It also broadens exposure and opportunities before a global audience, thus contributing to Portland’s stature as an international creative hub.

With the money from the Awesome Foundation, I would be able to fund 2 new murals, covering 10,000 sq ft. The first mural would be by New Zealand duo BMD, and would wrap around the entirety of the building. This one would be on SE Division Pl, directly on the new MAX Line and very visible from lower Division St. The work of BMD is about as fun as mural work can get, with colorful patterns, goofy characters with creepy undertones, and a desire to play with architecture, making this building the perfect canvas for them.
The second mural would be by Tokyo artist Nigamushi. This mural would be overlooking Old Town Chinatown from the 2nd & 3rd stories of the Goldsmith Block. Nigamushi's work is bright, bold and graphic, at times mixing traditional Japanese influences with more contemporary consumerist perversions. These pieces will no doubt bring smiles and likely puzzled stares to the neighborhood

Funded by Portland, OR (May 2015)