Cotton Candy Cannon

I've been building cotton candy making devices since I was ten. After a number of failed attempts, I finally produced my first (standard-output) cotton candy machine in 2007. Since then I've been working on two new designs - the insane-output cotton candy machine and the cotton candy gun. This summer I've nearly perfected the cotton candy gun design, which extrudes a constant stream of several cotton candy fibers from everyday sugar and is hand-held. Right now it's still under development, but I've proven the concept of operation through several working prototypes. Regardless, I want to take this to the next level - I want to give my sweet-shooting blaster a higher output and a longer range. Say... the ability to coat a rotating human in a cotton candy cocoon in one-three minutes. I want to color the streams of cotton candy. Three buttons will dispense food coloring into the sugar just before it's extruded. Color mixing should be possible, giving the artist machine-gunner a full palate of tooth-decaying paint. I want to see canvases painted with an edible media, people dressed in cotton that's hard not to chew on, and smiles all around.

Funded by Boston, MA (October 2009)