The Grandparent Connection

The main purpose of The Grandparent Connection is to give some smiles to some lonely Seniors and we are attempting to incorporate involvement from Elementary and Secondary school students. We feel that intergenerational connections will not only, help Seniors but would also be so beneficial to all of the youth involved. From kindergarten up, the hope is that knowledge and involvement with Seniors will foster more caring and empathetic youth in our community. We are currently working on School to Facility connections (Generation Partners) as well as a general youth group (Youth Ambassadors). Working with Seniors is not normally an area where High School students turn to when looking to fulfill their required Community Hours but we are hopeful that through connections in Grades 7 and 8 they will gain exposure and will be more so inclined. This is a win-win situation for the entire community. We are currently working with individual schools and are in the process of consulting with our Town's School Board representatives to incorporate our programs with the Character Matters initiative.

Funded by Newmarket (February 2015)