Sarnia Golden Hawk Restoration

This project was taken on by a group of local pilots and citizens who wanted to give back to our local veterans , by doing something we love, working on airplanes. The Golden hawk which sat guarding the RCAF Memorial in Germain Park was in need of a restoration , lest it be scrapped. Estimates for the work came in out of reach. Similar projects in other communities cost over $150,000.00. The local veterans didn't have that kind of money. Our group heard of their plight. After an inspection , we deemed we could do the job , if we had the communities help. All materials for the job have been donated by local businesses and we put in over 4000man hours to complete the restoration. This aircraft is historically significant as it is one of the original Golden Hawk aircraft built in Canada by Canadians. This fact has brought requests from the original Golden Hawks Team to make it their ground based memorial to the Team, predecessors to the Snowbirds.This project will help preserve a piece of Canada's aviation history. It will allow the Sabre to continue to proudly stand guard over the RCAF Memorial in memory of all the local air service personnel who gave their lives during the Battle of Britain. And .. to take on the added duty of being a tribute to the Golden Hawks Team . These men showed what could be done when people work together for a common purpose. The project has done the same for the local team and businesses who worked on the Sabre. It and the Memorial can now go on to teach the next generations about the history and sacrifices made by the veterans so they can live freely today and chase their dreams.
The base of the Memorial will also have two large granite stones placed , one will list the Golden Hawks Team & Personnel and , the other will list the companies , organizations , and people that donated to this worthy project.
The project is now at the critical time where the stones must be payed for and the final list of names supplied.

Funded by Sarnia (February 2015)