GGR! (guerilla gardening revolution)

I would like to revamp the neglected land and heavily concreted land of the CBD (and outlying areas) by guerilla gardening projects. Guerilla gardening can be done in many different forms, the form I would like to use is to prepare in advance all that is going into the target area and with a team of people go to the area at night and transform it by planting an assortment of high producing vegetable plants and bright and vibrant flower plants (especially those beneficial to bees). Along with the plants I would like to put in colourful and informative signage, labelling plants and garden areas explaining why the gardens have been put in and that the produce is for all to enjoy. By doing this at night, locals see a transformation from one day to the next, an instant garden! I would also like to create gardens in heavily concreted areas by bringing in raised garden beds and using productive pots and hanging basket type arrangements, these can be attached to poles around town (road signs, pedestrian crossing signposts etc). I have seen different creative ideas such as hanging pots made of colourful old teapots with plants growing in them hanging from the hand rail leading up stairways and simple ideas brighten up even the most indutrialised areas.

This type of Guerilla gardening is exciting and fun for both those involved in the building of the garden and those who get the surprise when the see it for the first time the next day!

I would ensure the gardens were maintained and watered on a regular basis and hope this would be a good way of encouraging others to reclaim unused land as common garden space.

Dates of the proposed project (and when it will be implemented/completed):
This is an ongoing project, but it would start in spring (September) 2013.

Funded by Whangarei (July 2013)